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Freediving changes the way we see the world to better.

We unite those, interested in life, self-development and the Ocean. We explore the world of freediving and help to expand physiological and psychological limits.


Aqualibrium Freediving Club was founded in July 2010 by three friends, professional freediving instructors: Konstantin Borisov, Irene Zelenkova (Narycheva) and Ivan Uzdeev (who left the club in 2013). The founders – Konstantin Borisov and Irene Zelenkova (Narycheva) have been into freediving since 2005. They started to teach professionally in 2007, assisting Natalie Avseenko (word champion and world record holder) with her pool and depth freediving courses. In 2009 Irene and Konstantin graduated from a 4-week extensive AIDA Instructor Course, carried out by Linda Paganelli and Lotta Ericsson, who are known in freediving community as the most demanding and experienced professionals.

In 2010-2012 Konstantin Borisov resided in Dahab, teaching his own depth courses for beginners and also assisting Linda and Lotta in their work, learning from Freedive Dahab school expertise.

In 2011 Irene and Konstantin did a cross-over to SSI Freediving Instructor status together with Miguel Lozano y Santiago Jakas, adding to the variety of courses offered by the club.

In 2006-2008 both Irene and Konstantin became AIDA International Judges. Since then each of the two has judged over 30 days of pool and depth AIDA competitions in Russia and abroad, from local club events to World Championships, as well as a number of National Records.

Since 2010 Aqualibrium Freediving Club has been regularly running AIDA courses, training weeks for beginners and experienced freedivers both in Moscow pools, as well as depth courses and freediving trips all over the world. Since 2011 we have been running AIDA Instructor Course (on an annual basis), becoming the first club in the world offering professional instructor career for Russian-speaking freedivers. Since 2012 Aqualibrium has been organizing AIDA competitions in Moscow. In 2012 and 2013 the Club organized Moscow Freediving Cup and Russia Freediving Cup together with Russian Underwater Federation. Since 2013 Aqualibrium has been actively teaching freestyle swimming as a separate training process, because we understand that correct swimming technique adds to freediver’s capabilities significantly.

Aqualibrium Freediving Club is an international organization and we are providing courses in different languages: Russian, English, Spanish and French all over the world.

Aqualibrium philosophy

We recognize that freediving changes the way we perceive ourselves. Apnea and submersion help to stop the uncontrolled fluctuations of mind and teach to listen attentively to yourself and surrounding nature. Freediving helps to develop alertness, attentiveness to your body and the world via breathing, movement and relaxation. However, freediving is not limited to water only. Little by little freediver learns to apply the new skills in day-to-day life – listen to yourself, open up to new endeavors, accept the new experiences with no tension and worry. The Water discharges our emotional tensions and “reloads” our resources, teaches to believe in your potential and to trust yourself. Freediving is an amazing tool to understand yourself and your limitations, as well as the world surrounding us. Freediving is the natural immersion into the Ocean, observing the marine life and an honest pleasure of harmonic relationship with the Nature. And of course, freediving is the people: open-minded, honest, curious and aware.

Freediving with Aqualibrium

Our approach to teaching and training is based on continuous progress, high safety standards and natural development of freediving abilities and skills. Natural development implies – progressing in accordance with body and mind adaptation development. We choose to profoundly perceive the process of breath-hold diving and enjoy it rather than push our students to new results with force.

Emphasize in our courses and trainings:

• Working with relaxation and acceptance

• Attention to self and people around – safety and awareness

• Development of technique in the pool and in the open water

• Development of “aquaticity” and being in harmony with Water

We provide maximum information for further development and safe diving.

Freediving practice is:

• a great tool to explore yourself, to overcome your worries and to understand your limitations

• understanding your capabilities and learning to use reserve powers and possibilities

• freedom and relaxation when you are in the Water; feeling of unity with the Nature

• marvelous people around you: energetic, open-minded and confident.

Official information

Aqualibrium Freediving Club is a team of internationally-educated professional instructors, certified by the leading freediving organizations. Our instructors are prize-takers of international competitions, Masters of Sport and Candidates for Master of Sports. But the most important is that the Club unites not only experienced instructors, but also rounded individuals, keen on the sport.

Aqualibrium regularly organizes freediving competitions with an aim to allow more people discover this sport and activity. We organize such events primarily to create special conditions, where freedivers of all levels are able to get competition experience, confirm their results under objective conditions of AIDA competition and also to get new experience and make new friends.

We are also enthusiastically developing FRC – Freediving Research Center, where freediving physiology is explored and new training methods are developed. The research and training methods development are carried out by sports phisiologists based on Russian Olympic Committee Innovations Center. Based on our interest in science and sports we regularly publish new articles written by our instructors and also translated materials which we publish to support freediving development in Russia.

Key takeaway

And the most important thing – we truly love freediving and are happy to share this amazing activity with you: this is what Aqualibrium Freediving Club is all about!

See you in the water!